6 Reasons This Underrated Central European Country Is Great For Solo Female Travelers

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As more and more women embark on solo trips, it’s becoming clear that most places around the world make great destinations for the solo female traveler.

While some places might be safer or more budget-friendly than others, it goes without saying that the solo female travelers of today are able to handle themselves in any situation that life throws at them. 

woman taking picture in salzburg

But, with more countries being recognized for attributes such as safety and friendliness, there are some that deserve special mention. One such country is the Central European beauty of Austria

Often a bit underrated when compared with its more famous neighbors of Switzerland and Italy, Austria is worth more than a passing glance for all travelers, especially the solo female.

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Not only is Austria one of the safest countries in the world, but it’s welcoming, beautiful, accessible, and has a very high level of English. The stunning capital city of Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world, not to mention the country has got more than its fair share of culture and nature to enjoy as well. 

Here Are 6 Reasons Why Austria Is Great For Solo Female Travelers:

It’s Safe

As one of the top five safest countries in the world, Austria is a remarkably safe destination for travelers. Violent crime is more or less nonexistent and other crimes such as robbery or assault are also very rare.

Despite being a big city with a lot of tourists, Vienna remains a very safe place to explore, and crime and even scams are quite rare here as well. The city ranks number five in the world for personal safety and ranks high for places women feel safe walking alone at night.

You might notice a large police presence in the cities and around the country, helping to maintain a safe atmosphere. 

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A Stunning Culture Packed Capital 

Vienna itself is a simply beautiful city, with stunning architecture lining every street. From beer gardens to museums, there is just so much to see. Hit up the historic Prater amusement park and then the Sigmund Freud Museum, or take in some live music and ride the trams.

Vienna is not the cheapest destination, so finding accommodation for your budget should be the first step when planning a trip here. You don’t want to be stuck picking the last few remaining dodgy hostels on the outskirts of town because you waited too long, so do your research early to get the best neighborhoods. 

woman enjoying beauty of nature looking at mountain. Adventure travel, Europe. Woman stands on background with Alps austria copy

Fairy Tale Towns Set Amongst The Alps

The Austrian village of Hallstatt is one of the dreamiest you can find, and it’s said this UNESCO town is the inspiration behind the movie Frozen. 

Salzburg is Austria’s fourth largest city, and it very well could be the most picturesque. With an Old Town to swoon over, wandering around the Baroque architecture and historical streets really helps you to get a feel for the country. Don’t forget the Salzburg Cathedral and adding a Sound of Music tour, as the movie was filmed here.

There are many other small fairy tale villages to explore throughout the country as well, including St. Gilgen, Heiligenblut, Bregenz, and Innsbruck. 

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Friendly and Welcoming

One value you can find amongst most Austrian people is their friendliness and welcoming attitude towards others, even tourists. Sadly, the country has the unfortunate distinction of being known as one of the least friendly in Europe, but many who travel here will tell you that’s not true.

While it can be said that Austrians as a whole tend to be a bit more reserved when it comes to their personal lives, you shouldn’t encounter any unfriendliness here in your travels, aside from perhaps a gruff old cow.

Austrian Cows

Great Location

One must-do while in Vienna is a day trip to nearby Bratislava, Slovakia. Join a group tour or take the train or boat by yourself, just don’t forget to try some garlic soup in a bread bowl and sheep cheese dumplings while there.

Aside from this must-do day trip, getting to and from Austria via other fantastic European destinations is easy via rail, bus, or flight. Connections with neighboring Czechia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein are easy and painless, making planning an itinerary a breeze. 

A Young Man Holding A Miniature Clock Tower Atop The Fortress In Graz, The Second Largest City In Austria, Central Europe

Get Connected

In regards to connecting with others, most Austrians speak German and a good amount of English as well. A tiny bit of basic German phrases will go a long way, but most people are more than happy to help in English.

When it comes to staying connected while traveling around Austria, sim cards are easily purchased and cheap to top up. Wifi networks are readily available in most places, and the country ranks in the top 70 for speeds around the world. 

A cable car taking visitors up to Salzwelten, Hallstatt, Austria; one of the oldest salt mines in the world.

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