Why This Surprising U.S. State Is Surging In Popularity With Tourists This Year

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Every now and then, a TV show or movie becomes so popular it starts a whole new trend in the travel industry.

Whether it’s the massive success of Frozen, which led to tourists flocking to a small town in Austria, or now where hoards of tourists are making their way to Montana due to the success of Yellowstone.

It’s easy to see why people do this since the entertainment industry is designed to allow us to escape reality.

Picturesque rocky peaks of the Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. Autumn season. Beautiful natural landscapes

That’s a key reason for wanting to travel in the first place, right? The unfortunate fact is no matter how hard we try to immerse ourselves in a captivating story; ultimately, we have to snap back to reality.

Plus, these destinations may not match up with your expectations since they are framed in such a way to make for a great story but are not intended to put a place on the map.

Regardless, it does happen, and Montana is the latest place to see a surge in popularity, largely in part due to entertainment influences.

Yellowstone Or Yellowstone?

hiker in yellowstone national park

When you read the word “Yellowstone”, what do you think of? Is it the massive hit TV show about the fictitious Dutton family, or is it the stunning national park millions of people flock to each year?

Either way, Montana is booming! Yellowstone the show and Yellowstone the park are both Montana-based.

In fact, it’s likely the show has helped to increase the amount of visitors to one of America’s most beautiful national parks.

That’s not the only place the show has influenced travelers to visit – it’s the whole state! Given the show’s huge success with multiple seasons to watch, Montana has seen an influx of visitors all year.

bison herd at yellowstone

Shops all over the state have been selling cowboy hats and attire to tourists so they can look just like the Duttons on Instagram.

Common Misconceptions About Montana

It’s been reported tourists inspired by watching Yellowstone are coming to Montana and booking ‘Dude Ranches’.

While that does fit the old-fashioned, simple way of life Yellowstone projects, there are some misconceptions.

cowboy on horse in montana winter

It’s hard to argue the beauty of Montana; it is gorgeous at every turn. Even the small towns have such a unique charm.

One recent dude rancher was quoted as saying, “It’s as beautiful as I thought it’d be. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?”.

That may be a valid viewpoint, but many travelers don’t factor in brutal Montana winters. Yellowstone may depict a picture-perfect life on the ranch by cozying up at a campfire, but the allure often goes away when the frigid temps roll in.

skiing in montana

Montana may be a great spot for fall, but winters can be rough unless you’re into hitting the slopes.

Boz Angeles

Bozeman has long been a getaway for those in the know. But now the state has become more mainstream, making one of Montana’s treasures even more popular.

So much so, the city of Bozeman has taken on the moniker of “Boz Angeles” since many west coasters have made their way here.

The charming city is often mentioned on the show and has elevated the city’s status even more. Locals are conflicted between the boost to the economy while also battling to maintain the state’s pristine beauty.

charming street in bozeman

Should you choose to visit a city in Montana, Bozeman is just the place. While the population is just over 50,000, this trendy little city is worth being on your itinerary.

Outdoor Tourism Boom

Many of Yellowstone’s scenes were filmed in the summer, which showcases Montana’s magnificent scenery.

Whether it be postcard-worthy Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, or just simply taking in the views on the backroads, Montana is a sight to behold.

It would be tough to visit Montana without enjoying the great outdoors. It is nicknamed “Big Sky” after all.

female tourist at avalanche lake

Common activities are fishing, hiking, camping, and horseback riding, reminiscent of the show. Whatever you decide to do, Montana wants to remind tourists the land is seemingly untouched in many areas.

They would like to keep it that way. Wildlife encounters are also possible, so it’s best to enjoy viewing animals from a distance.

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