Why This Mega Cultural Country Should Be On Your Bucket List For 2024

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Now that most of us have our mojos back when it comes to traveling, there’s never been a better time to consider a totally new destination for the coming year.

Sure, Mexico is great, and Europe has many fascinating countries and hidden gems, but why not consider somewhere even more exotic?

One such destination for many could be Morocco.

woman explores colorful city of chefchaouen in morocco

Recently named one of the best countries to visit in 2024, this North African nation is one of the most culturally rich and historic on Earth.

With so much to see and do, it’s a treat for all the senses and will leave you wanting more.

So, here’s a few reasons why we think you should consider adding Morocco to your 2024 bucket list:

Culture Like No Other

We know you probably think you hear it about every travel destination, but Morocco really is like nowhere else.

From the chaotic yet charming streets of Marrakesh to the blue beauty of Chefchaouen, or the historic and beautiful capital of Rabat, Morocco is a rich melting pot of culture influenced by Europe, the Arab world, and the indigenous Berber.

One unique aspect of Moroccan cities is their medinas. These walled centers are historic meeting and trading places for Moroccan people and are an easy way to sample the way of life here.

the old streets of the medina in fez morocco

The medina in the city of Fez is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its colorful streets of incredible sights, sounds, and smells are the largest car-free urban area in the world.

Morocco is also a land of great craftsmanship: the city of Ouarzazate is famous for decorative carpets and rugs, Marrakech for leather, and Fez for its clay works.

The food is also one of Morocco’s great charms with many regional dishes such as couscous, tajine, rfissa and more.

spices being sold in market in marrakesh morocco

Take some time to explore one of the wonderful spice markets in a city and you’ll quickly be drawn into the amazing cuisine here.

Underrated Beaches

Morocco is blessed with miles and miles of stunning beaches that are usually pretty quiet.

Perhaps the best-known spot is Essaouira, a sleepy seaside town that has long attracted free spirits from around the world.

It is particularly good for surfing due to strong prevailing winds that come in off the Atlantic.

Another great beach destination in Morocco is Sfiha, which is located on the country’s north coast facing Spain and is ideal for families.

Legzira beach with famous rock formation morocco

If you’re seeking something more remote, the stunningly beautiful beach of Legzira will wow you with its dramatic rock formations that jut out into the ocean.

World-Famous Scenery

Morocco is home to the famous Atlas Mountains, which offer excellent hiking and other outdoor pursuit potential, as well as just being stunningly beautiful to look at or photograph.

Another unforgettable experience to be had in Morocco is to go on a guided trek through the Merzouga Desert.

trekking with camels in the Merzouga Desert morocco

This gateway to the Sahara is an endless canvas that is painted many different golden hues by the changing light – it’s also a great place to spend the night ion a bivouac and get unspoilt views of the starry night sky.

Strength in adversity

At the time of writing, Morocco had just about equaled the record number of tourists it has received in a year for the year 2023, according to reports.

From January to October in 2023, more than 12 million people had visited the country, which was more than the entire of 2022.

This is particularly impressive, considering the country suffered a tragic and very damaging earthquake in September.

the city of rabat in morocco

It just shows how powerful the pull of this unique nation is to tourists around the world.

A Bright Future

A lot of investment is being made in Morocco from the local authorities as it seeks to elevate its position as a global tourism destination.

There are new shopping arcades in cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech, which host international brands and locally made crafts.

Serious investment has also been made into the country’s infrastructure such as road, rail, and city design.

Koutoubia Mosque at sunset in Marrakesh Morocco

Much of this will be increased in the lead-up to the 2030 FIFA World Cup – Morocco will co-host the soccer tournament alongside Spain and Portugal.

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